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 2021 Season Artists

If you would like to collaborate as a poet, musician, or composer, contact us!


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Celebration of Ruth, in Poetry, Music, and Song

Suzanne Ramo - Soprano

Suzanne Ramo, soprano


Cheryl Cellon Lindquist, Piano

A Perfect Day

Music by Women Composers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries

Suzanne Ramo - Soprano

Suzanne Ramo, soprano

Lynn Ledbetter.jpg

Lynn Ledbetter, violin


Cheryl Cellon Lindquist, Piano

Past Artists


Cyra S. Dimitru - Poet 

Analicia Perez, poet

Joshua Robbins, poet

Alexandra van de Kamp, poet

Composers & Instrumentalists

Ruth C. Friedberg, lecturer and pianist

William Gokelman, pianist and composer

Cheryl Cellon Lindquist, pianist and vocal coach

Joshua Younke, cellist


Ivy Calvert, soprano


Orit Eylon, mezzo-soprano

Jasmine Fernandez, soprano

Phillip D. Hill, baritone


Ann Moss, soprano

Richard Novak, tenor


Susan Olson, mezzo-soprano

Linda Poetschke, soprano


Jennifer Quintero, mezzo-soprano


Flicka Rahn, soprano

Amanda Ronquillo, soprano

Michelle Ravitsky, soprano

Eric Schmidt, tenor

Hope Fairchild Thacker, mezzo-soprano

Becky Westlund, soprano

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